Across the Middle: Entrepreneur Strategies for Growth and Success

Across The Middle: Entrepreneur Strategies for Growth and Success by Marvin Carolina, Jr.

Across the Middle has been in the making for a long time. It started when Marvin was selected to write articles for The Kansas City Star for leaders, entrepreneurs, and small-business owners in and around Kansas City. Because Marvin’s passion for those in the business community was evident in those articles, and knowing he had business experience and a unique perspective, his readers asked him to write a book.

Marvin Carolina Jr. has written an extraordinarily clear, easy to understand and insightful book that can literally change the way you live. He provides a comprehensive yet concise summary of the steps needed to make you a successful business owner. He explains what he learned on his journey and provide a complete view of each topic covered, using real-life scenarios to describe and provide context.

Each chapter can be utilized independently, but the book was written to serve as a complete resource for anyone who is now, or is considering, becoming an entrepreneur or business owner.


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