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Team Carolina Consulting (Team Carolina) delivers dynamic training, facilitation and development for professionals, small businesses, entrepreneurs and students.

With programming developed by Marvin Carolina, Jr., Team Carolina provides experiential learning through strategic workshops that are focused on helping businesses and individuals reach their highest potential.

How to Build to Compete and Win in Business and Life

Format: ​45-60 Minute Keynote

There are some people who truly don’t realize that they are competing for something every day. Some people are just in a better position to compete.

This Program is Perfect for:

  • Managers of Underperforming Sales Organizations
  • Leadership Development
  • Non-Profit Organizations
  • Entrepreneurs and Small Businesses
  • Senior Management
  • Teams Struggling to Embrace Competition

The audience will leave with:

  • ​Leaders will understand how competition inspires the best in all of us.
  • Techniques and tips to assist in the development and focus on their competitive spirit.
  • Inspired examples of competition that positively impact successful results.

​This is the most requested presentation I deliver to national audiences.

Reaching the Next Level of Entrepreneurship

Format: ​30-45 Minute Keynote Presentation (short form) – 1 Day Workshop (long form)

This program is perfect for:

  • Small Businesses
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Non-Profit Organizations Advocating for Entrepreneurial Development
  • Government Development Programs for Entrepreneurs
  • Professionals Intersted in Entrepreneurship​

The audience will leave with techniques to:

  • ​Increase Profits & Revenue
  • Create Sales Opportunities
  • Enhance Marketing Efforts
  • Build their Businesses to Compete and Win
  • Dominate in their Industries

​Marvin Carolina has worked with over 1,000 small businesses nationwide to expand their capacity and develop the growth of their companies. As a short form presentation, he provides a synopsis of the importance of focusing on business growth and development.

The long form workshop does a deep dive into small business growth and development in a full day workshop with stronger emphasis on key areas of operational growth.

Making the Transition: From College to Corporate Success

Format: ​60 Minute Keynote (short form)  – 6 Week Workshop Series (2 hours per week long form)

This program is perfect for:

  • ​Collegiate juniors and seniors preparing for college internships or pursuing opportunities in the corporate workforce
  • Student Affairs Directors looking to provide programming for workforce bound college students
  • University job placement department programming

The audience will leave with:

  • ​Understanding of the competitive nature of corporate America
  • Experience with a simulated competitive classroom environment
  • Mock interview experience
  • Personal and professional talent self-inventory
  • Anecdotal examples of college to corporate success

In short form this keynote provides attendees a roadmap for their transition from college to pursuing employment in corporate America.

In long form, this content is presented in a six week workshop series (2 hours per session), providing an in depth training program for collegiate juniors and seniors engaged in interactive learning sessions, mock interviews and homework assignments to maximize the learning experience. This program has proven results that have contributed to internship placement with Fortune 500 corporations and full time employment offers.

Team Carolina - Student Athlete to Corporate Workshop Series by Marvin Carolina, Jr.

Leveraging Your Athleticism & Discipline Into Business Success

Format: ​30-60 Minute Keynote

This program is perfect for:

  • ​Collegiate Athletic Directors
  • High School Athletic Directors
  • High School, Collegiate and Professional Athletes
  • Professional Athlete Player’s Associations and Organizations
  • Events Focused on Developing Athletes Beyond Sports

The audience will leave with:

  • ​Examples of transferrable skills from athletics to the workforce or entrepreneurship
  • Encouragement for valuable behaviors, skills and techniques athletes learn that make them valuable assets in business
  • First hand experience from a former NCAA Division I Athlete that transition to corporate executive roles and entrepreneurship

​A point of passion for Marvin Carolina, Jr., he examines the important skills, principles and values that he learned from athletics and how they served him well in building a successful career as a corporate executive and entrepreneur after sports.

This workshop helps to expand the view of opportunities and skills that athletes have for their future by helping them understand the competitive advantage they have as an athlete and their experience with competition, training and discipline.

Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging: The Competitive Advantage

Format: ​45-60 minute Keynote Presentation

This program is perfect for:

  • ​Corporate Diversity & Inclusion Leaders
  • Human Resource Professionals
  • Educational Professionals
  • Organizations Impacting Diversity & Inclusion
  • Professionals Intersted in Expanding D&I Expertise
  • Conferences Covering Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging Issues

The audience will leave with:

  • ​Full Understanding of Facets of Diversity
  • Evolution of Diversity and History of Affirmative Action
  • Techniques to Increase Engagement and Buy-In Internally
  • The Business Case for Diversity & Inclusion
  • Examples of Best Practices in Diversity & Inclusion
  • Awareness of Unconscious Bias Impact

​With over 15 years of Diversity & Inclusion experience, Marvin Carolina, Jr., has implemented successful corporate diversity & inclusion programs nationwide.

His keynote address on Diversity & Inclusion inspires experienced D&I practitioners and interested HR professionals looking to expand expertise. Through this keynote, Marvin examines the true competitive advantage that is gained by harnessing the entirety of talents contributed by our collective diversity.

Conflict Resolution: Interpersonal Secrets for Professional Success

Format: ​30-34 Minute Keynote

This program is perfect for:

  • ​Managers interested in improving conflict and problem solving skills of the team
  • Human Resource leaders looking to expand emotional intelligence of the workforce
  • Professional development organizations looking for individual development content
  • Conferences and events focused on professional development

The audience will leave with:

  • ​Understanding of self awareness and emotional intelligence
  • Techniques for problem and issue resolution
  • Self assessment and inventory tools and resources

​As teams look to expand the emotional intelligence of the team in organizations, this keynote helps professionals look inward to develop their best self.

This inspiring and insightful keynote focuses on developing the most important asset in any company; the employees.

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