Marvin Carolina, Jr. is a Credentialed Member of the National Speakers Association

Marvin Carolina provides a range of topics that will engage, excite, inform and energize your audience. Marvin blends a wealth of business expertise as a successful executive, former entrepreneur and Division I collegiate athlete.


Resources—education, food, land, money—are scarce, so we are forced to compete for them. This makes competition critically important. Imagine life is a game of musical chairs, we as players are competing for life’s resources, and someone will always be left standing because there are not enough resources for everyone.


How do we create a business environment where the playing field is level? If your connections provide you an unfair advantage, the playing field is not level.

Small Business

Small businesses have the same departments as large businesses: Accounting, Finance, Human Resources, Information Technology, Marketing, Operations, and Sales. The only difference is, in small businesses, these departments are not yet fully developed.


Talent is a set of skills consistently performed at a high level. We tend to focus on talent, but we should focus on the skills that make-up the talent.


Winning matters, which explains why we keep score in sports, track market shares and profit margins in business, have a first-chair in music, and count votes in political races. Like it or not, in our society, success and winning mean the same thing.