Skills You Need to Succeed in Business - Marvin Carolina, Jr.

Skills You Need to Succeed in Business

To succeed in business, you need to ensure your skills are suited for your industry. I have talked to lots of small-business owners across the country, and these are the most-common reasons the owners I talked to opened their businesses.

Characteristics of Successful Small Business Owners

Successful small-business owners are as different in personality as they are in appearance. Some of them are risk-takers and some are risk-averse. Some organized and some not. From years of observing and training business owners across the country, I have found that successful small-business owners share three characteristics.

mentoring is free consulting

Hire a Business Consultant..For Free

What do Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Oprah Winfrey, and Mark Zuckerberg have in common? Each has been extraordinarily successful. And, each had a mentor. Whether you call them a business consultant, a Coach, or a Mentor, you need one. Running a business is difficult. You’re more likely to be successful if you have someone to rely on for advice.

The Value of Education in Entrepreneurship

Do you, as an entrepreneur, need a college degree to succeed? Everyone knows Bill Gates and Steve Jobs and Michael Dell found entrepreneurial success in spite of not having a college degree. Lots of entrepreneurs without a college degree have found success. A 2013 study of entrepreneurs found nearly 40% of them said you can succeed in business without a college degree (i.e., at least a Bachelor’s degree). You don’t…

Business Owners Must Track Their Data to Succeed

“How’s business?” When I ask that question, I must admit: I have an ulterior motive. What I really want to know is, How well do you know your business? “Business is good, Marvin. Sales are up.” When I get that answer — and I often get that answer — I suspect they don’t know their business very well. If you’re not tracking data, and most small-business owners that I know…

Above All Things: Know Thy Competitors

Business is a competition. No matter what product or service you sell, you have several—perhaps dozens of—competitors. You may be happy with your market share: you have loyal customers, and business is good. Why worry? There’s enough business for everyone, right? Business is good for you today, but it may not be tomorrow. Your competitors are scheming to increase their share of the market. By decreasing your share. Here are…