Marvin Carolina Jr.

Coaching for Professional and Business Development


With experience as a corporate executive, small business owner, and collegiate athlete, Marvin is passionate about sharing his story in order to help others. He is well-versed on topics such as competition, talent, small business building, and diversity.


With the Unlock Your Potential: Business and Personal Coaching Program, Marvin will work alongside you with a personalized plan to help you achieve your personal and professional goals, overcome obstacles, and thrive in your life!


Marvin is out to make a change in communities, starting with the people. He delivers training opportunities and workshops to facilitate the development of business professionals, entrepreneurs, and students. He aims to inspire others to achieve their best.


Marvin is not your typical motivational speaker. He uses humor to build rapport, anecdotes and accolades to establish credibility, and analogies to drive home his message. Marvin’s mission is to add value to your event and inspire everyone in the room.



Marvin seeks to promote the wellness and happiness of others.


He believes everyone has the capability to exhibit brilliance.


Acknowledging the impact of our actions is our responsibility.


 Marvin operates based on honesty, respect, trust, and fairness.


He celebrates diversity and supports the differences of others.

Success Stories

"Marvin Carolina is an extraordinary coach! He has the innate ability to take complex problems and communicate solutions in simple ways to solve them. Marvin brings great energy and knowledge that enabled my professional and business growth! Thanks Marvin!"

Amanda G

"Marvin is the ultimate coach. He has pushed me to be uncomfortable in order to grow personally and professionally. While following Marvin’s lead, I have increased my client base, upgraded my technology, stepped up my marketing efforts and learned what it means to be a CEO and do CEO things. My focus is now on scalability, leadership development, client relations, strategy, financial health, and sustainability. I am now working on my business instead of in my business. "

Stephane B

"I've been fortunate to receive coaching from Marvin for over a year now, and it has been nothing short of transformative and one of the best decisions I've made in a while. He's inspired me to have the courage to dream bigger in both my career and life path. He's helped me see myself and what I am capable of and never allowed me to stop holding that mirror up for myself. He's given me guidance in mapping out my path and provided invaluable and unwavering support along the way. It doesn't hurt that he's incredibly sincere and a joy to work with. I'm forever grateful. "

Hannah E

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