Marvin Carolina Jr. is not the typical motivational speaker. He has certainly achieved at the highest levels, but what makes him unique is, he has earned accolades in entrepreneurship, corporate America, and sports. He has identified common elements that have made him successful in each arena, and he shares these elements—with lessons learned and pitfalls to avoid—with audiences across America.

Marvin’s speaking style is as diverse as his experience. He uses humor to build rapport, anecdotes and accolades to establish credibility, and analogies to crystalize his message.

Marvin, Chairman of the Board for the Heartland Black Chamber of Commerce and an Instructor at the University of Missouri at Kansas City, has received awards for his work in Kansas City (Missouri) and across America: Ace Award, Community Champion, Hispanic Community Builder Award (Atlanta), Innovation Award (Houston), NAACP Award, Top 40 in Their 40’s Business and Community Leader, and Top Contractors for Diversity.

He writes business articles specifically for entrepreneurs, and they appear online each week in one of America’s top newspapers: the Kansas City Star.

Marvin uses the following elements to teach his audiences:


He couples his Master’s-level education with his real-world experience, and he combines both with his experience as an Instructor at the University of Missouri at Kansas City.


All-State football player and four-year (football) letterman at Georgia Tech. Sales Manager at Oscar Mayer. National Sales Manager and Dealer Store Manager at Sears, Roebuck & Company. Owner of Carolina Beverage Distributing in Atlanta. He is now Vice President at JE Dunn Construction, one of America’s largest general contractors.


Marvin created a training program to help minority and women entrepreneurs in Kansas City compete with successful, well-established entrepreneurs, and the program has been so successful, he now facilitates it in Atlanta, Austin, Charlotte, Dallas, Denver, Houston, Minneapolis, Nashville, Phoenix, Portland, and Savannah (Georgia). His audiences have grown to include men and women from every background.


Marvin knows how it feels to accomplish your dreams, and his goal is for every audience member to accomplish theirs. He knows how to give a rah-rah speech, but he also knows that what is most effective is, working hard and working smart.
Marvin’s message is skill-based. According to him, the first thing you must do is identify your skills and talent. He builds on this by teaching the following:

  • Build a Winning Team
  • Competition is Learned
  • Know Your Customer
  • Skill and Talent Are Not the Same
  • Succeed in Business
  • What is Potential?

Marvin has helped entrepreneurs across America get the most of out their businesses: Those who have attended his program have increased sales by tens of millions of dollars! His message, however, is not reserved for entrepreneurs.
Whether your audience wants to fulfill its potential in business, corporate America, or sports, Marvin Carolina Jr. can teach them how. He is the rare motivational speaker who knows what it takes to excel as an entrepreneur, corporate executive, and collegiate athlete.